Refund Policy

Natalie Pickering’s eBooks, webinars and downloadable products are digital products and cannot be returned to us for a refund.

Please be aware that download link will expire 24 hours after it’s first clicked. It is your responsibility to download the product within this time frame. Links will not be re-issued after the 7 days.

Please also note that creating a backup file for your product is solely your responsibility. We will not re-issue links for loss of damage of computers. Backing up is the only way to ensure that your purchase is not lost should your hard drive fail. Customers are solely responsible for confirming that their devices are compatible with the products they purchase. Refund will not be issued due to compatibility issues.

Digital products are delivered immediately via email to the email address registered with the purchase. If you do not receive your purchase, please check your junk folder and add Natalie Pickering as a trusted recipient. If you experience difficulty accessing or downloading your purchased product please contact

For any questions or notices, please contact us at:

Natalie Pickering ABN 89536593688


Last update: 10/8/2022