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You know a healthy, fertile lining for your precious embryo to nestle into is vital to your dream of motherhood...

but you're confused and worried about how to be sure your lining is truly the most lush and receptive it can be!

The Lush Lining, Sticky Embryos Workshop will show you how to quickly and confidently -

1.Pick exactly the right supplements to improve your lining receptivity

2.Plan the best diet to provide specific implantation enhancing building blocks

3.Make the proven exercise lifestyle tweaks to create the ultimate environment for a lush, fertile implantation site.

4. Ensure you're not accidentally overlooking all of the hormones necessary for successful implantation

5.Discover and avoid the most powerful implantation success saboteurs

The Lush Lining, Sticky Embryos will help you map out exactly what you need to begin building a more lush, receptive place for your embryo to safely nestle into without all the wasted time and money.

All of this with planners, checklists and expert tips for anyone who...

  • Has been struggling to get pregnant

  • Has been told her lining is too thin

  • Is preparing for IVF

  • Suspects she has conceived and lost one or more pregnancies very early

  • Has been diagnosed with Recurrent Implantation Failure

  • Has an intuition that her body is not accepting her embryos

  • Has a menstrual flow that is scanty, gluggy or dark

  • Has endometriosis, adenomyosis or PCOS

“The Fertility Specialist told me my lining would never hold an embryo”

It is absolutely possible to improve your lining and implantation success, just like Felicity!

Before we met, she had a long history of fertility struggles and had been told by her specialist after several poor IVF cycles - her lining was not healthy and thick enough and that there was nothing more he could do.

Not anymore...

With better nutritional building blocks, inflammation management, hormone optimization, immune balance and micro-circulation you can see huge improvements in your implantation and conception success!

Felicity, 37 years old

this is what you can expect to

Learn (and accomplish!) at the workshop:

  • The fundamental (and often overlooked) building blocks for healthy uterine lining

  • The daily rituals for quickly and effectively increased lining receptivity

  • Hacks for finding and avoiding the metabolic imbalances that can harm your lining during development each month

  • The top five must-have implantation support supplements

  • How to use food as your medicine on your way to better implantation success

  • How to understand and assess your lining health

  • The sneaky signs and symptoms you need to look out for.

ready to start your next cycle - confident in your implantation?

this is what you can expect to

Receive during the Online workshop

  • Our 90 minute Online Workshop

  • The Recordings in a Membership Area to Keep

  • The Lush Lining Workbook

  • Time for Q&A with Fertility Expert Natalie

  • BONUS: The Receptivity Red Flags Checklist

  • BONUS: The Daily Rituals for Sticky Embryos

  • BONUS: Implantation Booster Super Stars

  • BONUS: 7 Day Meal Plans For Lush Linings (for Omnivores and for Vegans)


Kara, 37yo, TTC 3.5yrs

Hi Nat, we just wanted to let you know we finally got a strong positive pregnancy test - and this time it stayed positive!

Our doctor was not that keen to do the testing we asked for, I'm so glad we insisted and found our problem. We credit it all to your advice and support. Thank you Nat, we'll be in to show off my bump soon.

plus....Awesome Bonuses For Faster, Easier Results!


The Receptivity Red Flags Checklist

Lets make it a little easier to figure out exactly whats going wrong with lining development. Simplified to leave the confusion and overwhelm out of the whole process. YES PLEASE!


Implantation Booster Super Stars

Lets be honest - creating meal plans can be a drag - I've done all the hard work for you! Kick start your new egg health optimizing menu with 7 days all done - one for vegans and another for omnivores 😉


Daily Rituals for Sticky Embryos

Putting all the information together doesn't need to be hard work with this daily ritual checklist! Use your handy checklist to make every day another step closer to your positive pregnancy test!


7 Day Meal Plans for Lush Linings

Getting pregnant can be an incredibly expensive process for some of us - lets make sure you spend your hard earned money on the right supplements, specific to YOUR baby journey

Q: When Is The Workshop?

can I watch whenever I'm ready?


Busy right now?
Thats ok! The workshop will be ready for you to watch (and re-watch) whenever you're ready.

You'll receive access within 3-5 minutes, then its yours for good.

What Past Workshop Attendees are Saying..

Thank you for an amazing workshop, you've given me hope!

Sarah, July 2023

I can't believe how much I've just learnt - after 4 yrs TTC!

Aimee, July 2023

Such a helpful session, so glad I joined.

Farrah, July 2023

Thank you Natalie for this workshop, I need you in my life!

Katia, July 2023


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why not just research Implantation tips online?

You could do that. But without the expert knowledge and experience, you won't know what advice is good, and what isn't. You won't know where to find the trustworthy, up-to-date research and how to ignore outdated reports.

And, really - who's got time ( or the inclination ) to wade through all of it!

Will there be time for me to ask questions?

Absolutely, that's why I decided to build this event as a workshop. I love helping women figure out the minefield of fertility struggles. Getting your questions answers gives you clarity!

The information you'll learn, and the tips and tricks to integrate it into your life, are going to make a huge difference to your journey to baby.

What if I've been told my lining health can't be improved?

Its almost always possible to improve your implantation site and uterine receptivity ( unless you have had ablation surgery). The good news is, you can begin enhancing your lining health for better implantation success in the next few months.

Is it online or face to face?

This workshop will be online so that I can reach more or the women who need this support! All you need is the internet and a comfy, quiet place to listen in!

you're invited to come attend the

Lush Linings and Sticky

Embryos Workshop



90 minute online WORKSHOP


lush linings Workbook


BONUS: Receptivity Red Flags Checklist


BONUS: 7 Day Meal Plans for lush lining


BONUS: Daily Rituals for Sticky Embies


BONUS: implantation booster super stars





Total Value = $600

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Today’s Price = US$99


90 minute online WORKSHOP $300

lush lining WORKBOOK $49

The Receptivity Red Flags Checklist $99

7 Day Meal Plans for lush lining $49

Implantation Booster Super Stars $129

Daily Rituals for Sticky Embies $129

VALUED AT = $600

Total Value = $600

Regular Price = $399

Today’s Price = US$99

Hey there, I'm Natalie

...and I’d love to show you a better way to get pregnant.

I was once in a very similar place to where you are today and I did all the hard work of finding out on my own.

It took ages and it was not fun! Sifting through all the science, integrating all the facts, and I decided I didn't want anyone other woman in the trenches of TTC having to lean on Google, forums and Facebook as their source of information, testing things out on your cycles,making hundreds of wrong moves before finding the right one…

Which is exactly why I’ve spent the last 25+ years guiding and supporting women (and couples) to find and overcome their fertility barriers, create their most fertile bodies and finally celebrate bringing their baby home.

Chloe R 41 yo, TTC 3yrs

“I can't believe we finally got there! I wish we had met sooner, I feel so sure our results are due to your fabulous advice ”


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